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Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Ministry of Education organizes Education in Pakistan. The national framework of the curriculum is regulated by the Curriculum Wing within the ministry. Our Education is divided into four stages.

  • Primary education from class 1 to class 5
  • Middle education from class 6 to class 8
  • Secondary education from class 9 to class 10
  • Higher secondary, or intermediate, education from class 11 to 12

Secondary Education and Higher Secondary (Matric and Intermediate) education in Pakistan is supervised by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). There are almost 26 Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. They hold the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examination, and three boards are responsible for managing vocational and technical education.

Primary Education

Primary Education includes classes from 1 to 5. These classes Examinations, Results, and Assessments are arranged by their respective school. And the student’s basic skills and the base is established in Primary Education. Proper attention is not given to students than his basics can lead to abandonment. So sometimes it’s good to put on some strictness on students to keep their Basics clear with a strong future. BISE Board only conducts exams of 5 Class in Primary Education. And Not all the schools conduct a 5th class examination, mostly government schools conduct an examination of 5 class otherwise private sector schools do not affiliate board for 5th class examination. The Result of 5th class is mostly announced by the boards in the month of March. After 1 month break from Examination.

Middle Education

Middle Education is tenor in student’s life when he is entering in teenage. So, that’s the most critical stage where a Boy/Girl feel changes in their life. They face different mood swings and this is the time when most boys quit studying or can’t focus on studies as there are many other enjoyable activities around them. So in Middle education, there is 6 to 8th class. Here in Middle education time, students should make a study Plan, to become organized and divide there fun time with studies. 8th class Examination is conducted by Bise Boards. Students work hard for their 8th class examination as the 8th class results are going to decide what their future subjects are. The student who gets promoted to 9th class can decide their subjects according to their particular interest. Candidate of 8th class exams should score the highest marks so he can switch into his desired subject and school. That is why it is advised by every adult to the Kid that they should focus on studies in order to get promoted to the Matric. 8th and 5th class examinations are conducted by the board on almost the same day. The Examination, Result is conducted and announced on the same day, as per BISE Boards Policy.

Secondary Education

Matric the most precious time in a student’s life, Matric class includes 9th and 10th class which is regulated as Secondary Education. 9th class is a stage where students decide what are they up to? What do they want to study? Some of them choose arts, The other choose sciences. Science is further divided into 2 categories, Biology, and Computer Sciences. Students choose the subjects of their own interest. All the BISE Boards conducts an examination of 9th and 10th class. The 9th class examination is mostly held at the end of March and the start of May. The outcome of these Examinations comes in August 2019. The students should work hard to get promoted in 10th class. As per the board, you need 33% Marks to pass the exam. But if you want good admission to College and University then you have to score higher marks in the examination.

The 10th class examination is a very critical time for a candidate as your whole future lay in your hands. So you have to Work hard and give you because if you Fail, then there will be hurdles for admissions in studies. The 10th class examination is conducted in the month of August, and almost it takes a month to cover up all the Subjects of 10th class. 10th class results are announced by 27 District boards. 10th class result 2019 is going to be announced in the month of July, BISE result 2019 is arranged in 2months after the examination. After 10th class results, 2019 students start looking up for the colleges that are best suitable for them. Some of them get scholarships as they score good marks in 10th class result. Students choose their desired subject and Future field, Now after SSC- Part 2 students have 4 options. The ones who want to become engineer they go for FSC, the computer developers choose ICS, Bankers and Businessman study I.COM and the one who is interested in arts they choose to study FA.  So 10th class time tenor is pretty much precious that is the time when most of the students get serious and work hard, so that they don’t face any kind of failures in the future.

Higher Secondary and Intermediate

Higher Secondary and Intermediate is College. The best time for a teenager, it’s the most enjoyable and learning time of a teenager’s life. You got to learn a lot about life and the outside world. College is a time when you get Mature and Adult Physically and Mentally. So we should spend it wisely on good habits while avoiding bad things.

So 11th class is the class where you have decided what you are studying and what are going to study for your bachelor. It’s the time when students have fun but with a fun time, they should study as well. Students of 11th class give their Annual Board examination in the month of May. And for the preparations of exams, they study notes goes through all the Past papers. Practice Guess papers to get aware of the actual exam. The 11th class result is announced in the month of September. Students give their best cause the get admission on the basis of the 1st-year result.

12th class is the final stage of BISE Board after this only B.COM and BA students give an assessment to BISE Boards. 12th class exams are held at the end of April. The 12th class result is announced after 2 months break meanwhile students apply for their degrees in bachelors. So, students work efficiently so they get admission in the known university which gives a good impact on personality. That is why the 12th class is a very precious time. But the Good part is you get rid of Board Annual Examinations.

This the whole wheel of the educational sector of Pakistan.  Make sure to always keep the criterion of your board of education in mind when you’re studying for exams. Good luck!

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